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Inside the Peloton Community Dedicated to Black Women

Home to more than 7,000 members worldwide, this at-home cycling group is all about sisterhood and accountability

A photo of Teresia Greer and her Peloton bike in her living room. “Life is short, do stuff that matters” is on her wall.
Teresia Greer and her Peloton bike. Photos courtesy of Teresia.

In 2017, Courtney Snowden was pregnant with her younger son and thought she’d never see the inside of a gym again. A single mom by choice, she was juggling a demanding job as a deputy…




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L'Oreal Thompson Payton

L'Oreal Thompson Payton

L’Oreal is a freelance writer and editor who’s dedicated to uplifting and inspiring Black women and girls through storytelling. Learn more at LTintheCity.com.

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