How to Stay Balanced During Election Chaos

A list of self-care tips you can turn to when things get tough

Older Black woman sitting cross-legged meditating on her bed.
Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

We’re a few days out from the election and no closer to knowing who the next leader of the free world is going to be. Regardless, we do know that there are going to be some hard days ahead of us so it’s important to be intentional about our self-care.

“The setting of self-care intentions is a goal-setting approach to self-care that invites creativity and flexibility,” Dr. Bernasha Anderson writes for ZORA. “This approach allows you to balance your self-care practice while fostering self-compassion. Our self-care intentions should shift based on our unique needs at a given point in time. Setting self-care intentions means first asking yourself, What is it that I need today?”

For today’s ZORA moment of zen, we’re giving you a list of activities you can do to practice ease. Every day, you can do something to give yourself some healing and happiness. Make sure you’re setting your intention to give yourself the love and care you need.

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