How the Planets Show Up in Your Love Life

Each of the planets plays a role the quality of your relationships

Camille Michelle Gray
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5 min readAug 13, 2021


Is love written in the stars for you? (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Venus and the Moon are the primary focus when reading what an astrological chart says about romantic relationships. And that is completely fair, as the Moon and Venus tend to show up quite loudly in interpersonal relationships. But each of the planets can play a key function in the quality of your relationships, how you show up in them, what you desire, etc. You have all of the planets in your chart, after all, and you are bringing all of who you are into a relationship too.

To that end, I’ve created a short archetypal briefer intended to help you grasp what each of these planets mean for your relationships.

The Sun wants you to find someone who spotlights your spark. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Sun: The Sun describes how we can feel seen in relationships. The Sun in your love life may ask that your relationships allow independent growth, that your partner even encourage this growth. These relationships provide and require nourishment for both individuals to go off and be their most authentic selves. In relationships, the Sun plays a role in understanding the self through the other and incorporating all that you experience into the…