How I Was Guided to the First EVER Triple Jump Medal for an American Woman

Tori Franklin
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9 min readAug 17, 2022

A few weeks ago I accomplished a feat no other American woman has ever achieved. I am the first and ONLY American woman to medal in the triple jump in a World Championship competition. Six months ago if anyone told me I was going to do this, I’d look at them astounded, asking, pleading, wondering how I was going to make this happen. It took months of growing a deeper connection and learning to read the signs of the universe for me to see it for myself.

It would have been impossible to see or even fathom at the time. I was competing way below my potential, making jumps so shallow that I’m surprised I made the pit. But in April 2022, I took a grand leap of faith and pursued greatness.

After having two terrible showings on the World Stage (the Tokyo Olympics and the Serbia Indoor World Championships), I decided if I wanted to continue to have a worthwhile career in track and field, I needed to make some big changes.

After the Indoor World Championships in March, I talked to an old friend and coach about taking me as an athlete. He was hesitant at first, since it was the middle of the season, and not knowing how quickly I’d be able to adapt.

“Are you ready for this,” he asked in his thick Bulgarian accent.

“I’m ready,” I said assuredly, “I can do this.”

We shook hands and ten days later I left my home and friends behind to train with him in Athens, Greece. I was nervous about leaving the country again. I had only just moved back from France a year ago. But something was telling me, pushing me to go.

I consider myself to be very open to signs and omens from the Divine Spirit, God, Universe. I knew I was in a period of growth for a few months prior to this. I’d seen the word “Ascension” often and in random ways for months. I saw 222 all the time, which is a sequence that symbolizes new beginnings and alignment. When I looked up the meaning back in November, it said, “We all have access to a powerful tool for creating our life experience: our mind. By choosing to focus on positive thoughts, you can create a different life. Your positive thoughts and visualizations are about to become reality.”

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