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Asé of Cutlass says avoid overcomplicating things, keep it simple

Amber the Conduit
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3 min readMar 22, 2022
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This week’s divine wisdom comes from a place of assessing the ways we may have been overcomplicating our lives and determining how we can strip away the clutter and return to our core ideas, thoughts and values. For some of us, it’s been our mindset that has been our biggest blockage: overthinking, over analyzing, being fixed in our thoughts, not leaving room for inspiration or new ideas to flow.

This week Spirit affirms we can powerfully expand our consciousness through Simplicity, the oracle card I’ve pulled for us this week. As a wave of intellectual clarity and awareness springs upon us, we’ll be feeling less mentall foggy and more inspired, paired with the energy of the Spring Equinox and beginning of assertive Aries season. This is a time of being mature in thought and intention. Our growth manifests through our ability to release old baggage that has limited our perception or casted a cloud of judgment, immaturity, and even doubt around our pursuits. Consider how your trauma or past experiences have held you back from moving forward and embracing a new beginning.

Was there a pivotal conversation or experience that kept you complacent?

Was there a situation that distracted you from pursuing your goals in the past?

We have an invitation from the divine to swipe our slate clean and re-remember our original goals and plans or embrace an entirely new one, sans the weight of the past. Simplicity is a reminder from our guides to not overcomplicate things. The launch of Aries Season can put the fire on our asses, driving us to take on new creative pursuits, but it’s imperative to mentally declutter first. Mentally decluttering looks like organizing your thoughts by doing a brain dump, writing down everything that’s been holding you back and releasing it through a fire burning ritual, simplifying your workload and daily routines, stripping away the hindrances.

Overconsumption, in all ways, clouds our judgment and can easily distract us. We’re challenged to make ourselves less receptive to the outside noise and avoid being hyperactive as our guides implant new ideas, strategies and…



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