Happy Independence Day America, Your Birth Chart Is a Mess

The astrology of July 4, 1776 and what it means for us today

As the country observes Independence Day this weekend, I couldn’t help but look at the state of the world and wonder how the astrology of the nation has manifested. This weekend is especially intense as we’re expecting a lunar eclipse and a Capricorn Full Moon, which is activating the nation’s sun.

We are on the edge of history, but before we tip over, we need to look back at the words we’ve lived by to get us here.

The ratification of the Declaration of Independence is widely heralded as the birth of the United States, since that’s when we celebrate its inception. The Constitution is the document that guarantees and details our rights as citizens. (We should keep in mind that Black people were originally notated as 3/5th of a human, per this document. Considering that the gender wage gap presently measures Black women’s earnings at about 65% of white men’s, the original math tracks.)

In order to better understand the United States, I analyzed the chart for both historical documents, which allows for some insight into the country. Astrology lovers can scroll to the bottom of this post for all the details on which dates and times were used. Everyone else? Here goes.

Both the charts of the Declaration and the Constitution have Sagittarius Rising, which fits into the image of the U.S. being an abundant country that welcomes people from foreign lands, and the desire to honor one’s own religious or philosophical path.

The Declaration’s chart paints a picture of a nation that sees great transformation, wealth, and power from corporations and business. This is represented by Pluto in Capricorn in the second house. Pluto also deals with parts of life that are done in the dark or hidden from the public, like dirty politics, organized crime, and espionage. The CIA and FBI, for example.

An Aquarius Moon in this chart garners us much freedom in the way of communication, transportation, and expression. It represents the people and public opinion. The American people have a lot to say and a need to be heard. We can also be incredibly stubborn and rebellious, as evidenced by many people’s refusal to quarantine during a pandemic.

When it comes to how we relate to other countries, we primarily use the military as a means to gain access to other lands and act as a catalyst for chaos. (This is represented by Mars and Uranus in Gemini in the seventh house.) Did you know the U.S. operates the largest number of overseas military bases of any country? Note that there are zero foreign military bases in the U.S. Mars in this position also places the police (ruled by Mars) as open enemies (seventh house again), not only to the world but also to its own people.

We should keep in mind that Black people were originally notated as 3/5th of a human, per this document.

This is where the Declaration chart gets deep. It has Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury in Cancer in the 8th House, which rules public mortality, death rate, insurance, Social Security, and national debt. Our money (Venus) is tied up in negotiating the financial and wellness needs of women and families. The country and its leaders (the Sun) see great profit (Jupiter) from managing the death of its people.

Neptune in Virgo in the 10th House shows us how socialism and collectivism (Neptune) are sources of mistrust via secret plots and fraud by the leadership. Plus, Neptune has ties to the film industry, underscoring how movies have been used to influence the masses and grant power to our celebrities.

Rounding out the Declaration’s chart is Saturn in Libra, occupying the area that deals with town and county politics, legislation, and allies to the nation. Saturn also governs the elderly, life-threatening epidemics, farmers, land owners, metal and mineral industries, and public sorrow. Saturn in this placement creates a difficult relationship between federal and local government. This tension has fueled much of the unrest we see today.

Not the most positive expression of a chart, right? The beauty of astrology is that you have the ability to operate on another end of the spectrum if you choose. There is room for the U.S. to overhaul the economy and shift the focus to uplifting and healing the people rather than profiting from their demise. The upcoming July 5 lunar eclipse seeks to make us aware of who we are and offers potential to change, but only if we can be transparent and put in the work.

Saturn in this placement creates a difficult relationship between federal and local government. This tension has fueled much of the unrest we see today.

The Constitution arrived 11 years after the Declaration and it provides a compromise on how things should run after the country had been established for a while. The Constitution’s moon says you have the right to be proud of the nation you came from and the freedom to worship as you see fit.

When it comes to naming and defending our rights in the Constitution’s chart, we find that the Sagittarius Moon in the 1st House represents the people. Considering the Constitution wasn’t originally intended to include all of us, the constant struggle for rights makes sense. You can observe this as the Constitution’s Sagittarius Moon opposes the Declaration’s Uranus in Gemini, constantly changing the rules and moving the goalposts.

There’s a great deal of grandiose double-talk in the pursuit of human rights. We tend to defer to never-ending conversations about well-oiled systems instead of doing something about the system in place. The rights of the people are tied up in systems of the government as shown via Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Virgo in the 10th House. Much of the conversation around the current unrest is based on the systemic racism that Black and indigenous people have experienced since the moment this country was colonized. This love for systems needs to be channeled into a more humane and equitable effort, instead of the violence we’ve endured and witnessed for so long.

What does 2020 hold for the U.S.? It’s tough to say. This is our first Pluto return; we’ve never experienced a major rebirth like this. In the global grand scheme, we are a toddler nation. As we witness the tantrums of our celebrity leaders (be they in entertainment or the government), 2020 has shown us that the truth is stranger than fiction could ever hope to be. I believe the next stage of our evolution depends on if we’re willing to develop a new standard of living and earning, one that’s not based on the suffering of the feminine. Pandemic aside, is the U.S. ready to join the rest of humanity in a genuine and sustainable way? Prayerfully, we shall see.

For My Astrology Lovers:

Interpreting a chart for a country falls under mundane astrology, and there are at least 15 different charts astrologers use to determine the horoscope of the United States. For my astrology buffs: For my read of the Declaration of Independence, I’m using the often discredited but eerily relevant Sibley chart [7/4/1776–5:10 PM LMT — Philadelphia, PA]. Note that the Declaration was voted on July 2, but was actually signed on July 4. For the Constitution, I’m using the chart for the signing of the document [9/17/1787–12:00 PM LMT — Philadelphia, PA]. For the astrology nerds, I’m using whole sign houses (1st House = 1H, 2nd House = 2H, etc.).

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