Happy Birthday! Celebrating 2 Years of ZORA

Today is ZORA’s birthday, and we’re celebrating the stories that made us

Illustration: Qadir El-Amin

“More needs to be done so that Black women will no longer be footnotes throughout turning points in our culture.” — Morgan Jerkins

5 Phrases Your Black Friend Wishes You Would Stop Saying by Ajah Hales

Dear White Friends, I See Right Through Your #BlackLivesMatter Posts by Elyse Cizek

The Call Came From Inside the House by Danielle Moodie

When Black Women Go From Office Pet to Office Threat by Erika Stallings

“I know what it’s like to lie to myself to try to seem good enough to fit in. It doesn’t work.” — Elyse Cizek

What Happened to Playboy’s First Cover Girl? by Morgan Jerkins

The ZORA Canon by Team ZORA

The ZORAscope by Ashleigh D. Jay

All the Things We Need to Ditch Once This Is Over by Luvvie Ajayi

My Parents Are Married, But My Dad Has a Mistress by Carolyn Desalu

The Inconvenient Truth About Monogamy by Ayesha K. Faines