Gut Check: Do Your Actions and Work Align With Your Values?

A reading for the collective: Reflect on who you are and how far you’ve come.

Onija Cowrie. Akamara tarot.

This week we are guided to reflect on our individual journeys of the last few months and years. The Onija cowrie tarot card draws our attention to the slow and steady building blocks of our day-to-day lives paired with our devotion to the tasks at hand. This energy can be a humbling reminder that the things we want most require dedication, focus, consistency, and most importantly, patience.

These are sacrifices and choices that we make daily that contribute to the greater picture-at-large. For example, if you desire to be a best-selling writer, writing consistently is a task that comes with the territory. Now, just because you are good at it or enjoy doing it doesn’t mean that you actually want to write every day or week. There will be plenty of days that you don’t feel like it, so you won’t. However, you understand that in order to meet your goal, it’s what is necessary, so you can’t give yourself too much room for slack. That is if it is something that you truly want or that connects you to your soul’s purpose.

As you contemplate your journey, remember that the universe operates on its own unique timeframe. With that said, when we are showing up for something wholeheartedly and consistently, we’re also granted the awareness to know if the things we’ve been working toward are still in alignment with who we are. Or, we might dig even deeper and ask: is it even working?!

The universe extends grace to you this week as you open your heart up to the journey of knowing yourself.

Here are some questions to ponder: What are the seemingly mundane tasks in your life that are guiding you towards the completion of a goal or intention? Are you still willing to put in the work or do you feel that you’ve done all that you can do? Is it still in alignment with who you are at this moment?

Despite all the work you’ve been putting in, this week you may receive a sign from the universe to pivot, realign, check in with your values or rediscover a new facet of self.

Our wants, needs and desires change as we evolve. This is part of the journey! Meet yourself with understanding, openness and authenticity about where you are in your journey. You may discover that a path you’ve been walking on no longer fits with this new mind, body and spirit of yours. This spiritual calibration may initially appear as an inconvenience, especially with all the time and energy invested, but you must trust that it served its purpose.

Labyrinth. Ethony Awakened Soul Oracle Deck.

The second card I pulled was Labyrinth. Sometimes we feel caught in the universe’s maze when actually it’s an invitation to transform into a new version of self. Some of us this week will face the uncomfortable realization that the path we’ve been walking no longer supports us. Even if you are unsure about where you’re supposed to go, acknowledging that your current position is no longer where you’re supposed to be is a step towards your evolution!

You might even decide that the destination is still the same, but it’s time to open yourself up to a new method or ritual of execution.

Give gratitude for the clarity and stepping stone experiences that have guided you to the present moment. Your medicine this week is in the present. Use the past as a reference point, but do not allow yourself to get lost in nostalgia!

The Medicine:

  • Live in the present
  • Consider a new direction
  • Reconnect with your mission and values

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