Fortune Favors the Bold: Mars in Leo Predictions and Advice

June-July transits bring us the energy we need to get things started and to get our way.

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On June 11, the planet of action, passion, and heat enters Leo. If “Hot Girl Summer” needed an official start date, this is it.

Mars in Leo is unapologetically embodied, inspired by brave action, and thrives on creative expression. (The “Hot Girl” herself, Megan Thee Stallion, actually has this placement in her natal chart, muah). Where Mars in Cancer may have made us sleepy, sentimental, and tender, Mars in Leo urges us all to show up courageously, to funnel our spirits into the people and activities that light us on fire!

In your chart, look to the house that contains the sign of Leo to get specific about where you can expect an outward flurry of activity. Mars in a fire sign like Leo can also kick up a lot of irritability, the inability to compromise, and a royal temperament. Leo is a fixed sign after all. So, beyond the glow and levity this ingress can offer, pay special attention to where you may hold on, where you are rigid, or where your pride can be tweaked. Mars in Leo has tremendous tenacity, so allow this transit to remind you of the spaces where you pour your effort and if they are worthy of your dedication.

With a little pressure and challenge, exquisite things can form.

Push through the pressure

Mars stays in each sign for about six weeks (when it is not retrograde, that is), and I wish I could say Mars’ entire cruise through Leo will go off without a hitch. On July 1, Mars will come into exact opposition with the planet Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. In traditional astrology, both Mars and Saturn are malefic planets, and the opposition (or 180 degrees) aspect is one of tension. This is a cosmic sore spot, and in fact, you can imagine this opposition is like having a muscle knot — you want to move, but it hurts; you are restricted. Such is the conversation of Mars opposing Saturn: Mars wanting to move forward, and Saturn putting up blockages. Classic stop and go.

Planets in opposition tend to show up externally as relationships with people or entities and in this case, individuals and entities that embody Saturn energy. Saturn strong in its home sign opposing Mars can feel like micromanaging — where Mars’ action and energy are checked, corrected, or even subverted. Saturn can yield a bit more power in this exchange, compelling Mars to fall in line. During this time, you can feel that your passions are thwarted, that you need to fight for independence, or that anger feels heavier. You may also find yourself fighting against larger structures of oppression, Mars becoming the crusader. Saturn in Aquarius is quite stoic and removed, but Mars in Leo gets off on engagement and spark, owning one’s truest identity.

Pride Month is right on time and wonderfully evocative of this Mars ingress — celebrating the self even while systems of oppression continue to operate.

To meet in the middle is to allow the Saturnian restriction or molasses-like pacing to productively guide the energy of Mars, like a tutor or a wise, old friend. To know when hitting walls means it’s time to rest and regroup. It also means allowing the full-bodied blood and fervor of Mars to warm up and shake loose the structures of your life that have become stale or unforgiving. Planets in opposition have what the other needs and are stronger together. At the end of the day, Saturn beckons mastery. I find it so funny that it rains diamonds on Saturn because with a little pressure and challenge, exquisite things can form.

One man’s chaos is another man’s opportunity … making this a good time to assert your needs in a relationship … or release a creative project.

Is it time to make a change?

On July 2, Mars will square Uranus in Taurus. Yes, no breather, folks. The Saturn and Uranus influence will be happening back-to-back, side-to-side, and right on top of one another. Uranus energy is liberating, chaotic, and colorful — a huge difference in feeling from Saturn. Where oppositions tend to play out as relational stress, squares play out as internal stress, a thorn in one’s side. When Mars meets Uranus in the sky, things can get weird.

Uranus and Mars share the desire to move, to make progress, sometimes to destroy things as well. It’s a peak time for accidents of all kinds or misuses of energy that stem from impulsivity. Mars opposing Saturn can encourage you to slow down in ways that help mitigate that impulsivity and keep a level head. The martial march in Leo can become vulnerable to the sea changes of Uranus in Taurus, like walking on ground that keeps shifting. Mars is for sure stressed here, getting stop signs from Saturn and electrocuted by Uranus.

But one man’s chaos is another man’s opportunity to shake things up a little. This square can make the way you move through the world innovative and autonomous, making painfully clear the areas of life that need a little emancipation. Uranus explodes the excitability of Mars, delivering not only on actions that make you feel more aligned with your unique spark but also the enthusiasm to follow through on them. Just make sure you make like Saturn and pace yourself. Take a beat before any action or reaction, lest you wake up with a regret hangover. (Side note: Uranus and Saturn are squaring one another for most of 2021!)

Shoot your shot!

To end on a sweet note, Mars will greet Venus in Leo on July 13. The two lovers meet in the sky for a moment of heightened passion, sensual pleasure, and aesthetic release. By this time, the climax of the Saturn and Uranus influence will have subsided, with Venus’s entry acting as a moment of cohesion and balance out from under pretty choppy astro weather. Venus calms the irritability and hastiness of Mars, aligning actions instead with what will foster connection and ease. But Venus also receives a kick in the butt from Mars, making this a good time to assert your needs in a relationship, shoot your shot, or release a creative project.

Above all, Mars in Leo favors the bold! Just make sure you’re going the speed limit.

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