Forgiveness Has Never Been About Those Who Wrong Or Misjudge Us

This week’s medicine: “True healing begins once we hold ourselves accountable for the power we’ve given others, our fears, or our trauma.”

Amber the Conduit
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4 min readSep 19, 2021
The “Forgivenesss” oracle card in the Awakened Soul deck by Ethony.

I’m so tired, family. And I know you are too. Each week there’s a new battle to face and whether it’s impacting us directly or indirectly, we still feel it. And when we focus on all of the negativity around us, peace can start to feel unattainable.

Collectively, we’re facing an extended game of tug-of-war with the universe, being pushed into a new direction, as we’re pulled by our past, regrets and disappointments. “How can we forgive others when we haven’t forgiven ourselves?” rang through my head as I pulled the 5 of Calabash and Forgiveness for this week’s message. That stung.

“Blessings are blessings, no matter how small they seem.”

The 5 of Calabash’s energy can leave us feeling unsupported, unseen, pessimistic and drowning in self pity. It’s in this time that we can lack a higher perspective, where it seems easier to wallow in our sorrows, seeing the cup half empty versus half full. How we choose to perceive our lessons, downfalls, or those cringy experiences, can put a grey filter over our lens on life. But we’re meant to see and feel in color!

We can continue the cycle of allowing our pain, disappointments or negative circumstances to rain on our parade or we can dance in the rain and anticipate the rainbow to come and the blessings in our life that are already present… like the gifts of life, love, shelter, community.

Blessings are blessings, no matter how small they seem.

5 of Calabash tarot card by Akamara.

Many of us will be moving through deep-rooted negativity that stems from childhood, our environment or our personal fears and projections. With that said, this can be deep healing work. This doesn’t happen overnight. You may not even feel ready to forgive, but you can invite it into your life.



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