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Address your vices this week

Amber the Conduit
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3 min readMar 14, 2022
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In order to operate as our highest vibrational selves, it’s imperative that our mind, body and spirit are all walking along the same path at the same speed.

The card I pulled for us this week, Equilibrar (Temperence) stresses the importance of maintaining balance in our life and avoiding tipping over the scale. When all of our bodies are actively nourished, in unison, it makes us a clear vessel to channeling wisdom from our ancestors, spirit guides and higher selves. We can also hear, feel, and see more clearly and we have more energy to push us through our busy days.

When we aren’t practicing discipline and hyper focusing on one area and neglecting others, our energetic fields become a little muddy, making it increasingly difficult to be connected to our divinity. Spirit invites us to address our vices and acknowledge the areas which we’ve been overindulgent or neglecting the important processes that sustain our wellbeing. With the Meditate card coming through with this message, it’s a clear sign that we are collectively in dire need of meditative practice to tune out the outside noise and tune into the void space. Though meditation has many faces, from working out to channeling your inner yogi, this time it feels important to just be still, whatever that looks like for you. Truthfully, I’m horrible at still meditations, like really bad. Either my mind is running a mile a minute or I will literally fall asleep! It doesn’t help that I’m clairaudient and always hearing spirits yap off, but, I find that my smoky quartz crystal really grounds me and helps me release my thoughts like sand in my hand.

Distractions are inevitable and, of course, we fall short from time to time, but as the astrological New Year begins on March 20 (the start of. Aries season), Spirit wants to start the New Year off right! This looks like being honest with yourself and investigating which parts of our life are feeling out of whack?

Do you put material matters before spiritual matters?

Have you fallen off your workout routine?

Do you prioritize others’ needs before your own?



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