Everything You Need for the Perfect Bar Cart

Mix yourself a drink with the best bar essentials

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4 min readAug 27, 2021


You can be the bartender in your own home with the right tools (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Bar carts came into their own as essential home décor within the last several years. A well-put together bar cart has become a desirable feature for a cute apartment living room, or for a chic outdoor living space. Maybe a decade ago it would have been more challenging to find a stylish cart, but now you can find all kinds of incredibly chic options for bar carts online. From wood to marble and brass — this Food and Wine article breaks down what a good bar cart needs, in case you were curious.

Just having a cart with the right racks, slots, and holders for your glasses is one thing. What you need on this rack to make the perfect cocktail is another. You can get the standard bucket o’ bar tools, or you can allow me to provide a simple, useful list of everything you’ll need, from your can opener to your zester.

Bottle and Can Opener

Probably the most important thing on any bar cart would be the essential item to open your bottles and cans, so you can make cocktails or pour a beverage in the first place. I’ve had cheaper models in the past, but for an opener that’ll last for years I recommend the Kuhn Rikon auto safety master opener. This thing can open bottles, cans, pull tops and screw tops, leaving a smooth, clean edge with one turn.

Cocktail Pitcher or Mixing Glass

I’ll admit, I didn’t have a proper mixing glass until recent years when I began stepping up my at-home mixology. Now it’s become a favorite item for making batch or pitcher cocktails. The hatch mixing glass from Crate and Barrel has become super popular, and so is the beaker large glass pourer from CB2. Sleek, cool, useful additions to your cart.


True story — my husband once worked as a waiter at an elegant restaurant, and the Oxo waiter’s corkscrew was THE must-have corkscrew that all of the staff were instructed to buy. That was maybe 20 years ago, and this thing is still going strong.

No proper bar cart is complete without a few wine tools



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