Erykah Badu’s Polarizing Ass … and Her Three ‘Baby Daddies’ Too

Erykah Badu: Progressive Spiritual Matriarch, Sex Goddess, and Reigning Queen of Her Own Village

Moon Bastet


Recording Artist, Erykah Badu (L), and her daughter Puma, (R) (Images: Instagram/@PumaCurry) 2023

Why is the sight of Erykah Badu’s nice round African ass so upsetting to many in the black community?

I’m serious.

The attacks on Erykah, her ass, and her baby daddy’s has gotten way out of hand.

I am so tired of Erykah being judged for showcasing her sexuality … every blue moon.

This woman is an artist, an icon. Erykah is Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop Royalty on Steroids.

You all don’t pick on Megan Pete and Belcalis Almanzar the way you pick on Erykah. It’s ridiculous.

What is the issue? Is it that she is a “spiritual black girl”, a “magickal black girl”?

Is it that she dropped some math with that $3.60 that made the ones who didn’t do their math laugh because they were lacking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding?

What is it?

Erykah Badu is 51 and her ass looks like that! *points to picture above*


Why shouldn’t she flaunt that thang!?



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