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This is what I’m reading and a few quotes and things I wrote over the years

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This Women’s History Month I’m celebrating the beautiful minds, bodies, and souls of brilliant, and bada$$ women who helped pave the way for us to live out loud with confidence. This piece is dedicated to all the women who speak and write boldly and bravely while being discounted, dismissed, and minimized as being the lesser, weaker sex. Some of these women faced unimaginable obstacles, criticism, shame, abuse, discrimination, and misogyny — but they survived!

Some Phenomenal Women even thrived and “lifted as [they] climbed” (Mary Church Terrell) — opening doors, and breaking down unnecessary barriers, glass, and cement ceilings in business and boardrooms. Then there were the women who blazed new trails and paved the way for other women to not only enter the room — but have a seat at formally male-dominated tables and be seen, heard, and respected.

This is for the women who didn’t and don’t let the world mansplain their truth, experience, or existence to them, me, and US — I say thank you. For the rest of us who sometimes can’t speak our truth or just learning and finding our voice and power — here are a few words that might help you in your journey:

From Sonia Sanchez

A Piece of a Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

From Fired Up Magazine (Click the picture to link to the site and full poem)

My favorite quote from Fannie Lou Hamer:

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