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Black Dads, Black Daughters: Burdens and Bravery

me and my dad; photo by Susie Scholefield

When I publish something (anything) that talks about race, I brace myself. I know it’s coming. Not the thoughtful critiques, which I respect. But the ones that are so familiar to women and people of color, the expletive-laden missives calling me the n-word, the b-word, the c-word (or a combination), wishing I’d die, wishing I’d never been born, etc., the ones rank with misogyny and racism, air-horning a…




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Savala Nolan

Savala Nolan

DON’T LET IT GET YOU DOWN: ESSAYS ON RACE, GENDER AND THE BODY | @ vogue, time, harper’s, NYT | UC Berkeley School of Law | she/her | IG @notquitebeyonce

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