At 14, I Worked in a Sweatshop. Here’s What I Think of Fashion Week.

This Kentucky fashion designer from Honduras wants us to be more sustainable

A photo of models walking in Jason Wu’s show during NY Fashion Week in September 2020.
A model walks the runway for Jason Wu Sping/Summer 2021 fashion show at Spring Studios Terrace during New York fashion week on September 13, 2020. Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Over time many of us — some as young as 13 years old — developed respiratory problems from the dust or from the foul-smelling chemicals we used to dye fabrics and acid-dip denim jeans.

Photo credit: Matt Parker and Tatiana Aristizabal

I can’t look at a $5 T-shirt on sale in H&M or Walmart without thinking about the hands that made it and the time it took to stitch the fabric.

Credit: Sarah Estes

Fashion designer, radio host, community organizer, and activist. Originally from Honduras, and now based in Lexington, Kentucky.