‘Are You Just a Plaything of Nature?’ Amina Ross on the Politics of Beauty

An excerpt from the ECHOING IDA collection

Yoga to start Beauty Breaks session “Mark Making.” Photography: Ally Almore

“[Beauty is] already accessible where everyone is right now. It’s just embracing what already exists.”

Journaling and drawing card interpretations for Beauty Breaks session “Tarot as a Tool.”
Shani Crowe demonstrates braiding techniques on hair mode.
The author at Beauty Breaks, back perpetually turned to the camera.

“I have put a lot of energy into destroying myself. ”

Meditative movement at Beauty Breaks.

Chicago-based poet and cultural strategist. Coeditor of The Echoing Ida Collection (Feminist Press, 2021). Abolition is the only justice. More at kemialabi.com.

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