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A Tarot Column Is Coming To ZORA

Amber the Alchemist has some Spirit Medicine for us all.

Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Akamara Tarot, Getty Images

Dear Zora Reader,

Have we got a Spring surprise for you. Starting this Sunday, none other than mystic podcaster and all-around spiritual savant Amber the Alchemist will pen the new Spirit Medicine column. Amber will pull a card or two — some Oracle and some Tarot — and will break down what the Collective needs to know. This Sunday spiritual tip will both affirm and protect us as we go about our days. And because she is using the Akamara Tarot deck and The Awakened Soul oracle deck by Ethony, you can follow along weekly to learn more about the message and the messenger. These decks are also inclusive.

Amber says the best way to receive these general readings is to clear your mind, be receptive for downloads and as always, apply what resonates and release what does not. I, for one, plan to make some tea and digest the Spirit Medicine while also sipping my rooibos.

Be sure to follow Amber the Alchemist here on Medium so you get premium access to each Sunday’s new Spirit Medicine.

Stay woke, stay safe and stay grounded.

— Adrienne G.



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Adrienne Gibbs

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