A Look into Doja Cat’s Natal Chart

Using astrology to understand Doja Cat’s rise in stardom

Camille Michelle Gray
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5 min readSep 28, 2021
The rapper’s star chart explains a lot about her creativity, beauty, and unapologetic expression of the feminine (Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for RCA)

When Doja Cat released the behind-the-scenes footage for her You Right music video this past summer, she calls her mother to ask for her birth time in order to use the app, The Pattern. What was just cute filler footage for some was a quiet win for the astrological community. Her birthday is October 21, 1995, making her a Libra. But knowing her birth time adds more substance and more nuance to understanding the artist. Folks on my Twitter feed excitedly shared Doja Cat’s natal chart, translating her remarkable young career and infectious personality into astrological language.

I enjoy using celebrity charts to attach astrological archetypes to visible social events and figures. It allows people to understand how these complex tools manifest in human form, on the Earthly plane. Studying the charts of musicians, actors, politicians, authors, etc., that we admire or respect, allows one to learn astrology through the lens of fascination, even empathy. And personally, the more astrological data we have on brilliant women of color, the better.

Doja Cat is a Libra Rising (or ascendant). These folks are known for their grace, beauty, and dignified demeanor. Ruled by Venus, Libras translate themselves through the arts, aesthetic and relationships with others. Knowing that Doja Cat, a musician who frequently takes to social media to share her makeup and outfits, is a Libra Rising, stokes a certain wonder at the accuracy of astrology! She is also relationship focused and shares her talent across. platforms as she collaborates with her peers.

Doja Cat also has her Sun and Mercury in Libra, both occupying her first house of identity, appearance and the way we dawn on the world. Mercury has its joy in the first house, meaning it plays a potent role for Doja, able to take up a lot of space with its talents. Expressing through the artful air sign of Libra, Mercury represents Doja’s lyrical skill, her heavy social media presence, her clapback’s and her beautiful singing voice. The Sun represents Doja’s core identity. When the Sun is in one’s first house, self-expression becomes vital for growth and development. To be a world-touring pop star is indicated here. (Venus…