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A Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Ask Us to Let Go of Toxic Leadership

The astrology of January 25 — January 31

Ashleigh D. Jay
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10 min readJan 25, 2021


Word for the week

You are different now. Expect your thoughts to follow suit.

Three things

  • Are you willing to redefine your sense of ego and pride?
  • Overthinking is not good, but thinking too little isn’t great either.
  • Reimagine your definition and pursuit of opportunity.

Moons of the week

Don’t forget to record how you feel as the moon changes signs. In a month or two, you will see a pattern. Take note!

  • Moon enters Gemini — Since 1/23 @ 1:43 a.m. CT
  • Moon enters Cancer — 1/25 @ 12:52 p.m. CT
  • Moon enters Leo — 1/27 @ 8:54 p.m. CT
  • Moon in Virgo — 1/30 @ 2:02 a.m. CT

Summary of the week

On Monday, the sun (in Aquarius) collaborates with Chiron (in Aries) and shows us a unique way to work with our anger, individuality, and initiative. Collectively, we’ve been encouraged (read: aggressively marketed) to be passive participants in our lives. This is a chance to reflect on what a humane or good leader looks like. How has leadership wounded us? How have we been complicit in harmful actions enacted by leadership? This transit could also shine light on conversations needed for us to further the healing process. It’s one thing to find the wound; it’s another to commit to the work of helping it heal properly. If you find that you don’t want to let it heal, be transparent with yourself about why that is.

Tuesday offers a profound disruption in the landscape as the sun (in Aquarius) clashes with Uranus (in Taurus), pushing us to do something about the values that we currently have, not the ones we’ve abided by that got us here. If we want to live and thrive as a people, we are going to have to do things differently based on the resources and network available to us. This is also an incredibly unpredictable day, so be as careful as you can to avoid accidents. Do not leave sharp objects or clutter around. Do your best…



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