A Black Woman was hit over the head with a brick for not giving a man her phone number. Why is she being blamed for her wounds?

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4 min readSep 8

Trigger Warning: This is a discussion of violence and assault against women.

Women are told what to do when a man street harasses us to avoid potential harm.

We are told to put our heads down. To keep our headphones on. To keep walking like we have somewhere to go. To not stop. If we are stopped, we are told to smile, be polite, be nice. We are told a lot of things. We do a lot of these things to protect ourselves. But what happens when none of them help?

Roda Osman, who goes by Rho_Reports on TikTok was attacked by a man who threw a brick at her head after she rejected his request for her phone number. Roda shared on her Tiktok Story her account of the horrific incident.

As she recalls, many other men were in the vicinity and none of them did anything to challenge or even stop the man with the brick from harming her.

Rather than this being an indictment against the harmful conditions in which women exist and men are allowed to behave when rejected, too many men took to Roda’s socials to attempt to discredit her.

Users instead posted Roda’s old skits or feminist takes, including skits where Roda appears to be harming men on the street. They ignore that in the captions of each of her skits, she notes that they are indeed skits for entertainment purposes with the expressed consent of the individuals in them.

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