A 46-Year-Old Woman Cries On TikTok Because She’s Too Old To Find A Man And The Internet Reacts

Rosalyn Morris
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5 min readSep 24, 2022


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

So, I finally saw the viral TikTok video where a 46-year-old woman breaks down in her car because she’s about to have a scheduled surgery, and she doesn’t have a husband to look after her. Instead, she has her mother and her sister to take care of her. She says that she doesn’t want her mother to still be taking care of her. She wants a man to do it — a husband. She captions the video My Reality Is Hitting Me Hard Today.

There are polarizing opinions on what this woman revealed.

Some men are gloating — and some women too. They think she’s getting what she deserves because they’re making assumptions about her life — even though they don’t know her.

These assumptions aren’t uncommon. If a woman makes it to a certain age and she’s still single, the theory is that she blew her chances. She chose the wrong men in her youth, while ignoring the good ones, and that is why she is still single. Or — she’s crazy.

No doubt, that probably is the case sometimes.

And sometimes it’s not.

But why, as a society, are we so comfortable with punishing these women, or thinking that they need to be punished? Men do the same, choose the wrong women, when good ones are right in front of them, but don’t have to deal with the same level of scrutiny.

Also — let’s be clear on something. I’ve heard many women say they chose the wrong men — and some of these women are still married to the man THEY CHOSE. Some say they went for good looks or excitement. But not all. Some women’s wrong choice was just a man who turned out to be the opposite of who she thought he was.

I’ve heard it all. Pain and regret are not uncommon in women or men who feel that they’ve lost out on love. Let’s humanize this. Let’s not judge or mock it. Yet, for the love of everything holy, let’s have some perspective. First things first, you have no clue how the road you didn’t travel would have ended…

Shoulda, coulda, woulda…that’s no way to live a life…but I digress…