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Enough with playing it nice and safe in the fight against anti-Blackness.

While following the Derek Chauvin trial, I’ve noticed one common theme that also struck me immediately following the gruesome killing of George Floyd — White people speaking out against racism after the fact. It seems that a healthy handful of White folks wait to express their outrage and disgust over racial injustice after a highly publicized or sensationalized tragedy takes place. Often, after a new hashtag begins trending on social media, a variety of tweets and posts speaking out against anti-Blackness and anti-Black violence soon follow. Which, I suppose, is fine, but very few extend far beyond their comfort zone…

Get to know the actual history of the Battle of Puebla and traditions to celebrate an Indigenous win

As the vaccine rollout continues and Americans begin to poke their heads out of their homes and tiptoe back to socializing, it’s only natural to want to celebrate. And with Cinco de Mayo approaching, some might see it as an excuse to enjoy some festivities. Maybe your girlfriends invite you out for some tequila-based drinks, or maybe you suggest you and your boo go out for some chips, salsa, and tacos. Or maybe you don’t do anything particular, but you take part in a Cinco de Mayo-themed fiesta at work or school. But do you know what you’re celebrating? …


It’s not his gorgeous penis, his looks, attitude, or success that attracts me most. It’s the idea that it’s not too late for me.

This guy just sent me a picture of his penis — two to be exact — and holy shit, you guys, it’s beautiful. However, as a general rule, I think all penises are ugly unless I’m in love with the man wielding said phallus. Under those circumstances, his dick might as well be made of gold and capable of granting wishes. When with the man I love, I adore his schlong, praising it, and seemingly pray at its alter when on my knees. …


Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

You say: “I don’t have time for this!” But Spirit begs to differ! The two of pentacles hints at an imbalance in how you manage your time and energy. This week calls for self-investigation: “What am I doing too much of? What am I doing not enough of?”

Accept that you might’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Be realistic with what you’re able to take on, and create a balance in your life that feels good to your mind, body, and spirit while maintaining productivity.

The energy for the week draws our attention to our daily commitments, tasks…

May’s astrological messages ask us to look within

May kicks off with us still reeling from the revelations of the Scorpio full moon while also seeking fresh definitions of stability. These horoscopes are written with you in mind. Short on time? Think about the below three things to keep in mind for the month. Sitting down with your coffee or tea? Peep the detailed astrological summary of the month. Scroll beyond that to find specific thoughts for your sign.

Three things to keep in mind

  • How do you nurture the people/possessions/knowledge you value?
  • The Saturn retrograde could feel like your mind is being blown. Let it.
  • The Mercury retrograde in Gemini approaches at the…

How authors and artists are making a space for us in science fiction.

Whether here on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away, there is a dire need for representation. Thankfully, Black writers and creatives are bringing a new hope for the future of diversity in the vast worlds of science fiction.

Despite a bevy of writers releasing or publicizing science fiction and fantasy that centers on people of color, some of the most-anticipated fantasy realms remain whitewashed. Yet, there is hope. A handful of enlightened publishers and film distributors are catering to a large and growing audience of…

You’ve been surviving and putting in that work. We see you. And we celebrate you.

Hey ZORA fam!

Did you watch the Oscars this weekend? I didn’t! I kinda gave up on the various awards shows a while ago because even though we occasionally see our people walk away with the gold (shoutout to H.E.R., Mia Neal, Jamika Wilson and the other winners!), too often, we leave empty handed if our work and talents are even acknowledged at all!

However, a disappointing awards season reminds me that we need to normalize celebrating ourselves and everything we achieve on a daily…

As a Black woman therapist and an anti-racist community advocate, I hear a lot. I’d like to acknowledge the sheer will and tenacity in the women I see.

I’ve long reflected upon the unseen, inequitable experiences that Black women often talk about — sometimes in whispers and sometimes in lawsuits. These experiences are all macro- and microaggressions that shouldn’t happen yet happen over and over again.

As a Black, biracial therapist, educator, and anti-racist activist myself, I have come to recognize that these experiences are a result of Black women existing at the intersectionality of sexism and racism. All of it institutionalized, invisible, and a remnant of slavery.

The human toll of these stressors is immeasurable. Our minds, bodies, souls, success, wealth, and health rise and fall depending…

Black women have contributed to the ceremony in more ways than acting. It’s time to give us our flowers (and our awards).

It’s well-known that Halle Berry is the first Black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar. It’s one of the few ways in which a Black woman has been visibly recognized during the ceremony. The Ohio native achieved this “milestone” for her role as Leticia Musgrove, a woman whose life as a mother and wife is filled with tragedy, 19 years ago at the 74th Academy Awards. …

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

As Aries season ignited the fire within, birthing new opportunities and constant activity, Taurus season swoops in to save you from burning out. The earth-ruled energy of the 9 of Cowrie gives us permission to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor by caring for ourselves and our environment.

You’ve invested so much time into your career, education, philanthropy, and relationships, now it’s time to enjoy all that you’ve worked for. If no one else has told you, you did that and are doing that! Self-celebration is in order and you cannot keep prolonging it. Last week, you may have…

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