3 Struggles Only The Oldest of Souls Can Understand

It’s very cool until it’s one existential crisis after the other

Kimberly Fosu
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6 min readJul 21, 2022


Some people are young at ninety, and others are old at nine. (Photo: Christine Engelhardt)

1. You Feel Like An Outsider

Whether you've traveled all over the world searching for a home or lived in a single place trying to make it feel like home, it is difficult to truly feel at home. You are unsure if you will ever find a place that feels like home.

You're unsure because you don’t fit in.

You don’t know where you belong. Even amongst friends and family, there’s still that alien feeling deep within you.

You feel you don’t belong here.

You feel like an outsider and are constantly keeping an eye out for other kindred spirits like you. You crave to be around those you can relate to on a soul level.

You often look at the starry skies and feel a strong affinity with it. You strongly feel as if your true home is somewhere beyond the blue. You look at the moon and feel a sense of belonging.

You yearn to go home, but you’re stuck in what feels like a strange land with no way out of here. And no one truly understands how you feel.

As an old soul, most people won't understand you. Many don't get you. You often feel a separation from the world because of how different you are.

People may see you as a bit strange because you hold ancient beliefs and spiritual knowledge and you have an unconventional way of living.

In a materialistic world of consumerism, you care nothing about extravagant clothes or shoes or the next model of a car. You have a different view of life and care about different things, like the consciousness of the planet, preserving nature, and finding and telling the truth.

You're a free spirit.

You're odd and don't do things the way everybody does them. You go your own way, dancing to the beat of your own drum.

You love solitude.

Your desire for solitude often impacts your relationships. People need you, but as an empath, you need time to recharge your batteries after you've completely exhausted yourself trying to be there for people.



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