3 Signs You Need a Spiritual Detox Plus Ways to Do It

You’ve been given everything you need to heal yourself

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A detox is not only needed for the body but also for the soul. (Photo: Los Muertos Crew)

I. You Thrive Off Of Negativity

A day is what you make it. If you wake up in the morning to continue a negative cycle, it's a clear sign that something is not right.

When the soul that lives within is positive and happy, negative things just won't resonate. It won't feel good. When the soul is good, it will prompt you and say, “Hey, every thought is creating something. Choose the positive ones and create positive things.”

You'd get the message because your soul is clear and you understand.

If you thrive off of negativity, drama and conflict, it’s a clear sign you need a spiritual detox. Your soul may be trapped in a negative cycle that will need your conscious effort to break free.

Positive people want to see other people happy.

Seeing people happy makes them happy too, but if instead of feeling happy, you feel annoyed when someone is in a great mood, you may have a problem you need to address right now. When another’s suffering makes you feel good, then it confirms the statement, “Misery loves company.”

Misery do love company.

Happy people aren't on the internet starting silly fights, attacking others, or commenting negativity on another person’s post. They don't do that. Instead, you can find them on the internet empowering people, spreading positivity and some cheer while they co-create the life of their dreams.

Positive people don't feel good in an environment where there is hate, anger and strife. They feel good in a quiet and peaceful environment.

If you find that you may need a detox, here are some things you can do. Remember these things will only work if you intend for them to work.

3 Ways to Detox

If you can believe it, it will work

  1. Smudge your body and your home or room with sage and declare that your soul is so free you could fly. Dance at that thought. Visualize that every negative energy is cleared from your space. Then smudge with Palo Santo to bring in the light and…



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