3 Reasons Why You’re Going Through a Waiting Season

It's not easy but there’s a purpose in the wait

Kimberly Fosu
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4 min readJun 30, 2022


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1. The Timing Is Not Right

Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do, yet it involves doing nothing. It’s no fun sitting around doing nothing when there’s something you’d rather be doing, but waiting is a necessary skill to learn or life gets unnecessarily painful.

There’s a time and season for everything.

If things feel like it’s been slowed and isn’t coming to you easily, don’t push or force them. Take a step back. Understand that your life is already written and mapped out. You won’t stay behind a day and you won’t arrive a day sooner. You will arrive at the right time.

It may not be the right time to have the thing you want right now. The thing you want is not right for you.

If the person you’re waiting for isn’t right in their mind, they will be no good for you. Waiting a while will save you from what's not meant for you.

Maybe you’re being made to wait because the universe is preparing something better for you. Don’t settle for the next best. Wait for the best. Don't force something to happen when it's not the right time. Wait on divine timing.

Forced timing will bring tears to your eyes. Divine timing is guaranteed to take you by surprise and put a smile on your face.

2. You’re Not Ready

Sometimes you're made to wait because the thing you’re asking for isn’t ready. Other times, you aren’t ready for the thing you’re asking for. Maybe you're a hot mess right now. If you’re a mess, you’re guaranteed to mess things up.

The universe will make you wait to prepare and get you ready. When you rush to make it happen, you’re bound to mess it up.

The universe wants you to succeed, but it will be done at the right time. It knows what’s ahead and may make you wait to save you from life…



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