10 Black Women Writers You Should Read Right Now

These next-generation literary lights deserve to be on your radar

ZORA Editors
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3 min readJan 7, 2020

TThe ZORA Canon, our first-of-its-kind list of the 100 most important books written by Black American women, celebrates established literary giants. To shine a light on the next generation of greats, we asked a few of our contributors and columnists — Feminista Jones, L’Oreal Thompson Payton, Erika Stallings, and Danielle Jacksonto point us toward the writers whose literary futures they believe are shining most brightly. Here are their selections.

Anoa Changa, an Atlanta-based attorney and political analyst, has written on topics ranging from the challenges of being an activist to voter suppression in Georgia to the 2020 presidential nominees.

Recommended reading: “Georgia’s Voting Machine ‘Reform’ Is a Threat to Free and Fair Elections

Andie J. Christopher is a USA Today bestselling author of romance novels, including Not the Girl You Marry, Not That Kind of Guy, the “One Night in South Beach” series, and Full Contact.

Recommended reading: “#MeToo Has Forced Me to Admit I’m a Romance Novelist Who’s Having Bad Sex

Taylor Crumpton advocates for abortion rights and reproductive justice. She’s written for Teen Vogue, the Guardian, Pitchfork, Marie Claire, and Glamour, among many others.

Recommended reading: “Black Women Are Still the Moral Compass of United States Politics

Jamey Hatley, who is based in Memphis, Tennessee, was a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts prose fellow and a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award winner that same year.

Recommended reading: “The Drummer

Amanda Joy authored the critically acclaimed young adult novel A River of Royal Blood.

Recommended reading: A River of Royal Blood

Angela Peoples is an organizer, political strategist, and activist who has been advocating for progressive reforms since 2006. If you remember the iconic image of the “Don’t Forget: White…