6 Black Women Relationship Experts Who Are Not Derrick Jaxn

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It’s been a bad week for Black love. Just a few days after learning that the love between rappers Saweetie and Quavo turned very icy (pun most definitely intended), car-seat relationship guru Derrick Jaxn revealed that he had been unfaithful to his wife, Da’Naia (and that he was selling a new book).

The internets immediately went into an uproar about everything from Jaxn’s audacity and betrayal of trust to his wife’s bonnet and checked-out demeanor in their confession video. It’s understandable why people are so outraged. This is a man who has built his entire career coaching women (Black women especially) on how to find love and happiness. This is also a man… period.

Many men have created entire brands around coaching women on how to be better for other men but who is educating the ladies on how to find what’s best for them? We at ZORA decided to help the sistas out and connect y’all with some super smart (and super credentialed) Black women who are experts in sex, love, and relationships.

Shamyra Howard

Sexologist Shamyra Howard is a licensed clinical social worker, author, and sex and relationship expert (she was even featured in ZORA’s special series on masturbation and self-love, The Pleasure Principal!). Her book, Use Your Mouth: Pocket-Sized Conversations to Simply Increase 7 Types of Intimacy in and out of the Bedroom, can help you find pleasure in your relationships not just between the sheets.

Demetria L. Lucas

Demetria Lucas is an award-winning author, journalist, speaker, and media personality. Her sophomore book, Don’t Waste Your Pretty: The Go-To Guide to Making Smarter Decisions in Life & Love, is based on her popular dating advice column and was recently turned into TV film that Lucas executive produced.

Evyan Whitney

Evyan Whitney is a writer, sexuality doula, sex educator, and facilitator and is on a mission to guide women to become sexually free. You may be wondering, “What is a sexuality doula?” It’s a term coined by Whitney to describe their technique to help women and femmes find sexual empowerment through education and liberation. Their guidance can help women start loving themselves in real ways.

Feminista Jones

Feminista Jones is a social worker, writer, activist, and former sex, love, and relationships columnist for ZORA. She’s written extensively about maintaining a sense of self-love in any relationship, getting over a bad breakup, polyamory, and kink. She’s also the author of the erotic novel Push the Button, which may inspire some spark in your sex life. Check out what she has to say about love and relationships in her column.

Shan Boody doesn’t hold anything back in her relationship advice.

Shan Boody

Shannon Boodram, known as Shan Boody online, is a clinical sexologist, bestselling author, television host, relationship expert, wife, and mother. If you’re looking for some real talk and real advice, look no further than Shan’s YouTube channel, where she gives tips, tricks, and an inside look into her open relationship. Her book, The Game of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance and Getting What You Want, will give you the play-by-play for finding your perfect partner.

Aliya S. King

Aliya S. King is an author, editor, and former relationship columnist for LEVEL, ZORA’s sibling publication for men of color. She may not refer to herself as a relationship expert, but she’s given her fair share of relationship advice for both the ladies and the fellas in her column, Dear LEVEL. Check out what she has to say about perfecting proposals, surviving infidelity, co-parenting children, and more in her column.

While each of these women has unique insight, experience, and expertise to offer, remember that you’re the true expert on your life and the love you want to bring into it. We hope you find some good advice and enjoyable anecdotes from this list of truly dope Black women, and maybe you’ll find a little love along the way.

Senior Platform Editor @ZORAmag | book lover | fangirl | Black woman | Terp

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